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Cangxian Pengfa Farm Equipment Co., Ltd.

Cangxian Pengfa Farm Equipment Co., Ltd.

Cangxian Pengfa Farm Equipment Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Cangxian Pengfa Farm Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturing enterprise engaged in modern pig and chicken breeding equipment. The company integrates product development, manufacturing, engineering design, and service. The main products include: chicken breeding equipment: automatic feeding and automatic drinking equipment for farms, ventilation windows, free-range chicken feed barrels, buckets, prasong type drinking fountains, filters, feed shovel, food tray, feces tray Wait. Pig raising equipment: sow plastic manure leaking board, piglet board, fattening board, pig trough, pig waterer, heat preservation box, electric heating board, etc. The factory has advanced technology, exquisite craftsmanship, rich products, complete range, and strive to improve the efficiency of the farm. The company adheres to the pursuit of quality first, service-oriented as its goal, continuously improves its independent research and development capabilities and technological capabilities, and constantly innovates new products with vitality to meet market demand. Taking customer satisfaction as the standard, through practical service and satisfactory service, we can meet the service requirements of market customers. The company has established a comprehensive marketing network and a comprehensive after-sales service system throughout the country, dedicated to providing users with perfect solutions and satisfactory services. Cangxian Pengfa Farm Equipment Co., Ltd. will continue to be guided by science and technology, constantly innovate and diligently summarize, and contribute to China's animal husbandry. Welcome new and old customers to communicate and negotiate business with the company.

Cangxian Pengfa Farm Equipment Co., Ltd.

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E-mail: pengfanongmu@gmail.com

Tel.: +86 317 4801 496

Mod.: +86 155 3278 3000

Skype: +86 155 3278 3000

Whatsapp: +86 155 3278 3000

Address: Xiaotianzhuang Litianmu, Cangxian County, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, China

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