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CLZ Optical Co., Ltd.

CLZ Optical Co., Ltd.

CLZ Optical Co., Ltd.


CLZ Optical Co., Ltd. is one of China’s leading optical manufacturing companies. We manufacture a wide range of optical components for many different fields like Industrial Laser, Consumer products, Environmental Monitoring, Photography and Aerospace and R&D. We were established in early 2012 in China’s Optical Manufacturing hub of Changchun.

CLZ Precision Optics was founded by 4 people who have a combined 60 years of optical experience and training at Qioptiq in Singapore. After returning to their homeland, they employed their technical knowledge into optical processing. With the principles of an innovative spirit, scientific attitude, team work and honesty, the founders of CLZ have been able to grow their business quickly and successfully.

Changchun Long Ze Precision Optics Co., Ltd.

In 2018 CLZ improved our capabilities with the purchase of ZYGO Verifire Interferometer - 4", it is a full-featured interferometer that can provide non-contact measurements of flat or spherical surfaces of optical components, and more staffed join our dedicated team, whose passion and drive for supplying the highest quality optical components has allowed our company to flourish into the respected organisation we are today. We like to think that the initial order is just the first step in a long and successful partnership, and look forward to hearing from you with developing an extensive cooperation in the future.

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E-mail: sales@clzoptics.com

Tel.: +86-0431-80532823

Mod.: +86 181 8688 0270

Address: No. 1636 Jinchuan Street, Changchun, JiLin, China

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