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Danyang RET Tools Co., Ltd.

Danyang RET Tools Co., Ltd.

Danyang RET Tools Co., Ltd.

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Danyang RET tools co., ltd. is one professional tungsten carbide tip circular saw blade independent manufacturer since 2016. and according to our customers kindly request, we are also the popular trader in poly-crystalline diamond tip circular saw blade, diamond saw blade and its related products, HSS drills, Step drills, Hole saws, Burrs, etc.

We produce various TCT circular saw blades for many kinds cutting applications. For example, Ripping, Cross cutting, Glue line rip, General purpose, Ultimate general purpose, Combination, Fine crosscutting, Slide miter OR radial arm, Fine cut-off, Ultimate plywood and melamine, Stacked chipboard, Single-sided laminates or melamine, Double-sided laminates or melamine, Non-ferrous metal, Steel and metal, Stainless steel, Plastic, Solid surface, multi-purpose cutting, etc.

The cutting material include soft and hardwood, plywood, chipboard, one-sided melamine, two-side melamine, aluminum, copper, brass, iron and steel, rod, pipe, bar, channel, sheet, stainless steel pipe, thin plastic, Phenolic, plexiglass, vinly, laminated, flooring, solid surface and thick plastic double sided laminated, fiber cement boards, etc.

Our carbide tip circular saw blade can supply the right hook angle combine its typical teeth design for your material cutting work. The hook angle from Positive 23° to Negative 7°, and the tip grinding configuration include FTG, ATB, High ATB, TCG, FWF, MTCG, Combi grind FTG, Combi grind TCG+ATB, etc.

The vital thing is that according to your cutting purpose and material, we can supply you different qualified material to build up the right blades for you. The steel material include 50# steel, 65Mn, 75Cr1 OR SKS51, etc. The tungsten carbide tip code include C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6 OR ISO code K30, K25, K20, K10, K05, K01, P15, P20, P30.

In RET tools, 80% production process take CNC auto-machines. And the blades surface can take sliver nature coating, Teflon coating and UV printing. Usually we take shrink wrap, skin card, slide card, standard color box, clam shell, plastic plate package for the blades.

RET tools has the knowledgeable technician manager who has more than 20 years products and management experience. Under his leading, we have the teammates who have the full experience in products production, include the raw-material income inspection, producing, management and inspection actions in each process, etc. And own the experienced team which have more than 10 years in foreign trading and merchandising operation. The most important is that we have one younger and ambitions employees.

From the year 2010, we start the produce saw blade via cooperation-factory mode, and establish our own production system at 2016 and start independent running. Today, RET tools has the new building, new plant, new workshop, new facilities and equipment. The important is that we have one NEW and full experienced team.

We would love to have the good business relationship with the customers come from domestic and overseas. We can provide you the most competitive price, qualified products and good service for your business. Any inquiry or proposal, welcome you contact with us freely.


Danyang RET Tools Co., Ltd.

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E-mail: kevin@RETtools.com

Tel.: +86 139 2157 8372

Fax: +86 511 8621 9198

Whatsapp: +86 139 2157 8372

Address: Precision Manufacturing Industrial Park, Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China

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