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Foshan Tusheng Aluminum Co., Ltd

Foshan Tusheng Aluminum Co., Ltd

Foshan Tusheng Aluminum Co., Ltd

Foshan Tusheng Aluminum Co., Ltd


Foshan Tusheng Aluminum Co., Ltd. specializes in the customization of industrial aluminum profiles and the production and processing of aluminum products. The company has comprehensive aluminum processing service capabilities such as independent design, research and development, collaborative development, program optimization, and program implementation guidance. The company's products are widely used in automated production lines, module guide rails, rack beams, lighting, 3C electronics, medical equipment, automobiles and ships, aerospace, furniture decoration and other fields.


tusheng has a 600-ton-10,000-ton extrusion production line, as well as ancillary production lines for casting, forging, sheet metal, anodizing, electrophoresis, and spraying. The machining workshop is equipped with 0.65m-6.5m large aluminum profile processing center, four-axis five-axis high-precision machining center, CNC lathe, gantry milling, engraving machine, and laser cutting machine. Professional one-stop service is satisfied with the complete set of aluminum processing services.


Tusheng has always been based on environmental protection, with the tenet of "survival on quality, innovation and change", continuous innovation and development, and the mission of providing customers with the highest quality aluminum processing services! Strive to become the most professional aluminum processing service provider in China.


Foshan Tusheng Aluminum Co., Ltd

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Address: No.4, No.1, Ganglian Ponan Industrial Zone, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City

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