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Four Seas(Hebei)Food Company Limited

Four Seas(Hebei)Food Company Limited

Four Seas(Hebei)Food Company Limited

Four Seas(Hebei)Food Company Limited

Four Seas(Hebei)Food Company Limited is the first wholly-owned company established by Hong Kong Sizhou Group in Hebei Province. The company is mainly engaged in the deep processing of Jingdong chestnut and other agricultural and sideline products.

Four Seas(Hebei)Food Company Limited is located at the foot of the Yanshan Mountains - Zunhua City, Hebei Province, with the Great Wall in the north and the Bohai Sea in the south. four major cities. The beautiful scenery here is rich in the well-known "Jingdong chestnut", dried and fresh fruits and agricultural and sideline products. Rich natural resources, convenient traffic conditions and unique geographical advantages have created the prerequisites for the development of our company.

Four Seas(Hebei)Food Company Limited makes full use of the abundant local resources of Jingdong chestnut to vigorously research and develop chestnut deep-processed food. The company has three chestnut production lines, including fresh chestnut raw material screening, quick-frozen chestnut kernels, and small-package chestnut kernels, as well as a constant temperature warehouse and a low-temperature cold warehouse with a storage capacity of 5,000 tons. At present, the company's main products are small-package sugar-fried chestnuts of different specifications (such as 50g, 100g, etc.) with Jingdong chestnut as raw material, which are supplied to overseas markets such as Hong Kong and Japan through Hong Kong Sizhou Trading Company, and are supplied by Four Seas(Hebei)Food Company Limited is responsible for the domestic market, and the operation of the entire company has been incorporated into the marketing strategy of Hong Kong Sizhou Group's integrated production, supply and sales.

The company's flagship product "Sizhou Ganli" is made of Chinese Jingdong chestnuts as raw materials. Through advanced processing and production technology, aluminum foil paper is used for ready-to-eat packaging. On the basis of inheriting the traditional sugar-fried chestnuts, which are sweet, delicious and fragrant, it not only effectively retains The rich nutrients contained in chestnut kernels, and the use of new packaging greatly prolongs the shelf life of the food, allowing food lovers to enjoy the sweetness and deliciousness of sugar-fried chestnuts all year round. In addition, the company has passed HACCP system certification and ISO22000 food safety management system certification, which provides a guarantee for product quality.

Strict enterprise management system, advanced food processing machinery, scientific processing technology, and safe and secure food will surely carry forward the traditional Chinese cuisine.


Four Seas(Hebei)Food Company Limited

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Address: Malanyu Town, Zunhua City, Hebei Province, China

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