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Guangzhou Ming Yi Seal Factory

Guangzhou Ming Yi Seal Factory

Guangzhou Ming Yi Seal Factory

Guangzhou Ming Yi Sealing Parts Factory


The vision and mission of Mingyi Sealing Parts Factory is to provide the products with extraordinary abrasive and sealing performance while persisting to credibility and integrity.


Mingyi Sealing Parts Factory was founded in 2009 when it provided high-end automobile maintenance technology training and sold relevant parts. At a later time, the factory introduced new projects to meet the growing business demand. It not only has a skillful technical team but also a young team featuring flat management mode. Nowadays, the factory has expanded its business in specialized markets throughout China and other countries.


Mingyi Sealing Parts Factory is a specialized manufacturer and dealer that designs, produces and sells original gaskets contained in engine repair kits for agricultural machinery, excavators, forklifts, harvesters, stacking machines, loaders, automobiles, diesel vehicles, trucks, heavy-duty machinery and construction vehicles.


So far, the technical team of Mingyi Sealing Parts Factory has developed nearly 1,000 product models.  Benefiting from its long-term accumulation of technical know-how, its products present prominent advantages in terms of abrasive and sealing performance, so they are largely applied in the fields of agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, automobile and more, and constantly favored and recommended by most customers.


Mingyi Sealing Parts Factory is committed to expanding the customer base in need of gaskets and other sealing elements for engine overhaul kits. Sincerely anticipate your enquiry for quotations of customized samples.  


About Ming Yi

Contact Information:


E-mail: my@mingyiseal.com

Tel.: +86 20 3659 5920

Mod.: +86 138 0275 5679

Mod.: +86 136 4261 3068

WeChat: +86 138 0275 5679

Skype: +86 138 0275 5679

Whatsapp: +86 138 0275 5679

Address: Building B, No .6, Yingsheng West Street, Changyaoling, Zhongluotan, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China

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