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Guilin Tiandi Optical Fiber Communication Co., Ltd.

Guilin Tiandi Optical Fiber Communication Co., Ltd.

Guilin Tiandi Optical Fiber Communication Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Guilin Tiandi Optical Fiber Communications Co., Ltd established in October 1993. We are approved as a hi-new tech company by Guangxi Province Science Committee and engaged in manufacture of helical fittings for ADSS & OPGW & OPPC cables and electric power line. The main building of our company covers more than 4,000m2 and lies in Guilin Hi-new Tech Development Area;also we have the other 10,000 m2 workshop. There are 20 senior engineers and junior engineers among 75 staffs of the company.

We have firstly imported ADSS cables to install on electric power line in China, and installed more than 100 optical fiber projects for electric power communication system. We own 9 patents and produce 6 major series of fittings, which are widely used in ADSS, OPGW, OPPC cables, urban tube cables, electrified railways and electric power line helical fittings. Such as, tension set, suspension set, double suspension set, double tension set, tangent suspension set, down-lead clamp, splice joint closure, termination closure, fastener clamp, spiral vibration damper, vibration damper, corona suppression ring, traction clamp, protection rods, connection rods.

With the development of advanced production scale and technologies, independent research ability, we have many patents and 8pc produce lines. Also we have built quality protection systems and control management measure, we have passed ISO9000 quality certification, 3A certification. And our fittings have been tested by Machine Industry Electric Materials Quality Supervise Test Center, Insulation Materials Certification Center of National Import & Export Commodity Test Bureau, National Power Construction Institute. Our main quality guarantee measures are as follows:

1. With 200KN horizontal tension test equipment and other equipments, every batch of fittings can be tested. We can monitor optical fiber attenuation during testing tension set and suspension set.

2. To have the chemical property and mechanical property of raw materials been under control.

3. Establishing complete quality protection system.

4. Improve produce skill and developing special equipments to ensure the technological level up to the same fittings abroad.

With reliable quality, excellent after-sell service, favorable prices and fast delivery time, our fittings are installed on main network, urban network, country network of electric power system and communication system in China. Also we export the fittings to South-east Asia, Japan, Korea, Europe, South America, Africa and other countries. We supply the fittings to about 20 optical fiber cable manufacturers. The main projects are as follows: 1300km fittings for Jilin province electric power optical fiber main network, 1400km fittings for the 3rd period Shandong province electric power optical fiber communication  network, 600km fittings for Liaoning province urban network optical fiber communication system, 800km fittings for Heilongjiang province urban network optical fiber communication system, 1200km fittings for the 3rd period Jiangsu province electric power optical fiber information network, 1300km fittings for the 2nd batch of the 3rd period country network Handan Area of Hebei province, 820km fittings for technical improvement project of Yunnan electric power company, 890km fittings for basic built project of Yunnan electric power company.

We are praised by customers with our high-quality products and excellent service; we also undertake actively the social duties, such as, earthquake relief effort, ice relief effort and other public service activities. We achieve good social benefit and economic benefit. We have awarded the title of an outstanding company and hi-new tech company of Guilin Hi-new Tech Development Area since 1996.

Faith is the life of company; we will improve the skill continuously, and supply all our customers with high-quality products and excellent service.

Guilin Tiandi Optical Fiber Communications Co., Ltd.

Contact Information:


E-mail: daisyjiang0427@163.com

Tel.: +86 773 5815105

Fax: +86 773 5815 191

Mod.: +86 134 5766 2769

Skype: daisyjiang0427

Whatsapp: +86 134 5766 2769

Address: Tiandi Building, No.5 Block, Canluan Rd, Guilin.

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