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Hebei Sanzhiyang Trading Co., Ltd.

Hebei Sanzhiyang Trading Co., Ltd.

Hebei Sanzhiyang Trading Co., Ltd.

Hebei Sanzhiyang Trading Co., Ltd.


Hebei Sanzhiyang Trading Co., Ltd. was established on July 20, 2022. The company processes and customizes various sheepskin products all year round. Welcome to visit us.

Only high-grade furs are pleasing and satisfying!

Every time customers recognize and praise our fur products, we record this beauty.

I, Ma Rebie, grew up in a fur family that inherited ancient tanning techniques. He kept in mind the exquisite requirements and spirit of fur craftsmanship, and devoted himself to the study and exploration of the field of modern fur tanning. His fur business is also called by the industry as the pride and hope of his fur family industry. Like our company's fur products, tanned and dyed with modern high-tech equipment. Under the current requirements of international consumers for fur products, we insist on providing fur products with full first-class coat color and quality. At the same time, we see fur as a soft, luxurious gem, with originality and craftsmanship. Select the top raw leather for tanning, add seasonal and fashionable coloring, and finally give humanized and refreshing design inspiration and ideas.

Only for the ingenuity of a perfect fur product, it will float in the modern home and highlight the finishing touch of the fashion palace. It is also famous for its genes endowed with warmth and beauty by nature. Among many fur categories, only the top-quality Tan sheep fur and cashmere pom-pom are selected, which have natural curl and elasticity.

Sexual hair fiber, can offer more pure, comfortable beauty.

Pursuing an ideal life is every step forward, starting from a moment of love, and the Ma's fur family has a history of nearly a hundred years.


Hebei Sanzhiyang Trading Co., Ltd.

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E-mail: 893884456@qq.com

Mod.: +86 133 6334 5345

WeChat: +86 133 6334 5345

Address: Direct Sales of Ma Shi Tan Sheep, West Economic and Trade Road, Daying Town, Zaoqiang County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province

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