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Hubei Firsta Material Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd

Hubei Firsta Material Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd

About Firsta Group

Founded in 1988, we were originally named as Yumeng Plastic Film Factory. We are consisted of Hubei Firsta Material Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd, Yunmeng Debang Industrial Co., Ltd, Hubei Tuxin Materials Technology Co., Ltd, Hubei Turui new material Technology Co., Ltd.

We have 3 BRUCKNER production lines, 5 offline coating lines with precise coating equipments and 3 KAMPF slitters.


We have become a top leading manufacturer and supplier of release liner and face stock materials for pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Firsta Advantages

One of the earliest film manufacturers in China, with over 30 years experience of professional R&D and manufacturing in functional PET and BOPP films 

Factory Equipments:

★ State-of-the-art manufacturing equipments and precise testing instuments.

Several Germany Brunkner BOPP, BOPET film prodution lines; Italy aluminized machine and BMB coating machine..

Company Honor:

Professional R&D team: National laboratory, national academician workstation and postdoctoral base.

"Firsta" trademark is a well-known trademark in China.

More than 300 national patents.

Industrial Chain:

The film industrial chain is relatively complete, providing one-stop service from R&D of functional masterbatch, film making, metallizing to coating.

We can meet customers’various personalized requests, ensuring not only product quality,  but also delivery speed.  

The biggest advantage of independent industrial chain is cost advantage.  


Integrate and utilize the high quality resources and new materials from upstream and downstream enterprises.

We are able to customize your films to meet your requests, and be willing to cooperate with customers to develop differentiated products.

Our expertise enables us to provide customers with the most stable quality products.

Strong innovation ability and constantly develop new products


★  Cooperate with famous big enterprises in the industry.

★  Keep good faith and constantly improve the customers’satisfaction.

★  We are not only a supplier, but also a valued partner, together with you to face challenges and create value.

★  Quality control strictly, complete sales service awareness and after-sales warranty for one year.

★  Degradable materials and sustainable solutions


Our website:www.firstagroup.com



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