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Y.F is the leading manufacturer of metallized paper packaging and labeling solutions with more than 10 years’ production experience, we supply customers around the world. Bands are increasingly adopting metallized paper for its decorative, protective, functional and recyclable qualities. Our papers are visually attractive and also offer technical benefits. Our metallized and holographic papers are mono-materials, meaning they are appealing to brands, looking to incorporate more eco-friendly materials into their packaging.

Metallized paper are made in 4 steps and have a sustainable production process with a low waste ratio. Pre-coating is the first production step. Here we seal the pores inherent within paper with a base varnish, so that the surface becomes really smooth. The varnish also increases the gloss level of the base paper. This application is a continuous process where rolls are spliced together to facilitate greater efficiencies with maximum speeds of up to 800 meters per minute. The metallized process involves heating aluminum, a natural element in a vacumm chamber and vaporizing it onto the paper rolls which are passed through the vaporizing machine.

The microscopically thin layer of aluminum added to the paper is only 20 to 30 nanometers thick and hundreds of times thinner than aluminum foil and metallized PET films. We also produce holographic papers for exporting worldwide, and different patterns are available. Holographic papers has an eye-catching shelf appeal as well as offering protection against counterfeiting. In post coating we fixate the aluminum layer so it becomes printable.

The final step in the process is roll finishingwhere we slit our master rolls down to our customers’ desired roll widths or sheet requirements. Metallized paper is a science and an art. For over 10 years, our range of papers have been loved by printers, converters and brands all over the world. We are proud to be a trusted supplier of some of the world’s most recognized brands.


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