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Jining Guangxian Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

Jining Guangxian Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

Jining Guangxian Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

Jining Guangxian Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 with a registered capital of 1 million yuan. Have a professional design and research team. Is a professional company integrating production and sales. The main products include various types of electric motorcycles, electric bicycles and electric tricycles.

Products are sold all over the world: the United States, Canada, Germany, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Panama and Costa Rica all have stable customers, and are trusted and praised by consumers at home and abroad.

The company has independent import and export operation rights and a complete electronic port customs clearance system to ensure the smooth sales of the company's products worldwide.

With the increasing import and export trade, in order to further meet the needs of traders and importers and exporters, our company has carefully created a door-to-door one-stop service for merchants. We have a perfect import and export service system in Chinese mainland, and have established close cooperative relations with a number of shipping companies and airlines, which can provide the best shipping and air transport routes, customs declaration and tax payment, insurance on behalf of you, and provide you with a series of services, such as checking the supply of goods, etc., and can deliver the goods safely and quickly by means of bulk cargo and container distribution.

Today, GUANGXIAN employees continue to innovate, provide the best products with the most reasonable price and perfect service, take customer demand as the guide, and aim at improving the production efficiency and quality of customers, and constantly introduce the world's advanced technologies and products to bring customers more comprehensive on-site solutions, so that you have no worries!


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E-mail: zhuguan@guangxianshangmao.cn

Tel.: +86 183 5372 8441

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Whatsapp: +86 183 5372 8441

Address: Room 1901, Tower E, Zhongde Plaza, Rencheng District, Jining, Shandong, China

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