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Mode Electric Kick Scooter China


Mode electric scooter is our newest product which we spend over 3 years on researching and developing it. Mode electric scooter has successfully entered Europe, America and other countries and has a very good feedback because of the excellent quality. Mode Brand is the first manufacturer in stage electric hoist field in China with great technical strength, Mode company have got many award of patents of independent innovation, specialized in the provision of lifting solutions. Our products cover different areas including stage, industry and energy etc.


International market

The international business of Mode company spreads the United States, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Dubai, South Africa, India, Russia, Mexico, Qatar, Chile, Columbia, Honduras, Venezuela, Singapore, Lebanon and other countries all over the world, covering 82% market share in the world in 109 languages. Under the high demand of the market, in October 2016, a branch office of Mode was set up in New York, USA, to provide better and more convenient services for the international market.


Company culture

Adhering to the core values of "Customer First, Embracing the Future, Teamwork, Integrity, Passion, Dedication", Mode people adhere to the service pledge of "Sincerity First, Quality First" and are widely praised by customers at home and abroad.

In the future, Mode will provide more high-quality professional services to customers around the world, and work with you to create a better future!


Interpretation of shepherd spirit

Mode advocates idealism and realism. If the performance part of our performance appraisal represents realism, then the value part represents idealism and represents our unified requirement for spiritual strength.


Pastoral mission

A company that is proud of the nation; doing things that promote human progress


Pastoral vision

Be a revolutionary perfect product; be the happiest company;


Pastoral values

Customer first; embrace the future; teamwork; integrity; passion; dedication


Mode Hoist (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Contact Information:


E-mail: sales@modehoist.com

Tel.: +86 10 8678 1888

Mod.: +86 189 1038 7871

Address: Room 01, 8/f, #7 Tower, 4th Area, No.186, South 4th Ring Road, Fengtai District, Beijing, China

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