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Qingdao X&H Webbing Co., Ltd.

Qingdao X&H Webbing Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Our history: As a professional leading manufacturer and exporter in china, Qingdao X&H Webbing Co., Ltd. focus on many kinds of polyester webbing products to fit various applications from 1994.

Now we are proud to add one new specialty products to our extensive line of webbing inventory: PVC coated weldable polyester webbing.

Extensive research and development has been conducted to ensure that PVC coated webbing meets international specifications and provides the performance characteristics required by differing end-use applications.

Our company: We adhere to the management principles of "quality first, customer first" and we always do our best to satisfy potential needs of customers. Our company is sincerely willing to cooperate with enterprises from all over the world to realize a win-win situation. We will provide first-rate service with advanced equipment and technology, high quality products, reasonable price and on-time delivery.

Our Factory: Our workshop is about 10, 000 square meters. In our factory there are the most advanced shuttleless looms and PVC coating machine in China for  webbing products.

Production Market: Exported to Europe, North America, Middle east and other developed countries or areas.

Our service: Strict quality control before sale, Timely follow up during sale, Feedback and problem solving after sale.

Weldable PVC coated polyester webbing

PVC coated weldable webbing

PVC coated polyester webbing


PVC coated weldable webbing is constructed using high strength

woven polyester webbing that is coated and impregnated with PVC. The PVC is coated on both sides and can be welded between panels of fabric inside an overlap seam. Maximum strength welds can be achieved by entirely bonding the PVC coated webbing to any any vinyl or vinyl-coated base material, it is far superior to folded over or sewn reinforcements. Exceptionally strong and durable, this weldable webbing works with hot air, hot wedge or high frequency welders. It is easier to use, faster and stronger than sewn alternatives (no thread, no needle holes).

Construction and materials

PVC coated weldable webbing - the Material

Substrate webbing: 100% polyester.

Impregnated coating: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

♦ The coated webbing is manufactured from ultra-high tenacity

polyester yarns and first-grade coating emulsions to ensure a high-quality webbing which remains durable and versatile.

♦ The product is manufactured and tested to exacting international

standards and provides compliance and even coverage in terms of peel test requirements.

♦ The melting point of the polyester utilised is 260°C; working

temperatures range from -20°C to 150°C, with peaks up to 200°C.

1. Industry uses






2. Few major applications are listed below

♦ curtainside trailers

Our PVC coated webbing is suitable for high-frequency or hot air welding. We have been using this product for years in all sorts of applications but mainly the manufacture of lorry curtains. The PVC coated polyester webbing is used for welding onto truck side curtains as a load restraint, as reinforcement on the insides of a curtainside trailer. (Curtainside trailers have a rib of PVC coated webbing every half meter attached to tension buckles along the deck of the trailer)

♦ Building Wraps & Banners, Billboards, Signs

PCV coated weldable Webbing adds substantial tensile strength to banner edges to prevent fabric stretching, the biggest problem for grommets.

♦ Tent & Tensile Structure

PVC coated Weldable Webbing have been developed and tested in conjunction with leading fabric structure designers and builders and are currently being used successfully in many fabric structure types.

♦ biogas and general agricultural covers

♦ swimming pool covers

Major benefits of Weldable Webbing

♦ Adds tear resistance

♦ Adds wind resistance

♦ Reinforces, strengthens

♦ Oil and water resistant

♦ Improves reliability of any accessories attached to the fabric like buckles & rollers in case of Truck Side curtain

♦ The end result is a strong and taut curtain that doesn't look wrinkled

Standard specifications for curtainside truck

1. Width: available in 48mm

2. Break strength: 1300Kg / 2400Kg (2900Ibs / 5200Ibs)

3. Thickness:

48mm, 1300Kg break strength, the thickness is 1.00mm.

48mm, 2400Kg break strength, the thickness is 1.60mm.

4. Colurs: White, black, grey

5. Roll length: 100 yards/roll

Pls kindly note that: The width, tensile strength are also available according to buyer's requirement on different application.


♦ Weldabilty

The coated webbing can be welded to PVC coated base material utilising hot air, hot wedge or high frequency welders.

♦ Abrasion resistance

The inclusion of coating significantly increases the natural abrasion resistant characteristics of the polyester webbing resulting in excellent abrasion resistant properties perfectly suited to a diverse range of applications while maintaining the flexible nature of the textile.

♦ Strength / Extremely strong

Break strength of the coated webbing is determined in accordance with international standard to ensure compliance to the required coated webbing specifications.

♦ Ease of use

PVC coated webbings are strong and durable while maintaining the flexible and lightweight nature of textiles.

♦ No sewing


♦ Our polyester yarn is quality-assured high tenacity.

♦ Maintain and improve our standards and reputation of striving for technical excellence in the products and services supplied to our customers.

♦ Eliminate errors, scrap and rework

♦ Ensure that we are committed to the policies and procedures as reflected within the quality management system

♦ Ensure that the quality manager has the authority to stop production in the event of any non-conformance during manufacture


♦ High quality materials and superior manufacturing processes allow for world-class product performance which is supported by the company’s ISO9001:2015 quality management system. This ensures compliance to stringent quality standards and peace-of-mind to our customers, no matter the application.

♦ Our 1300 Kg and 2400 Kg webbings meet the strength requirements of EN 12641-2:2006

Application cases


This is the most common curtain design. It offers excellent protection of the load against all types of weather. Standard models come equipped on the inside with a network of horizontal and vertical welded, PVC coated reinforcement bands to add strength and provide extra protection from long rips or tears. 50mm wide PVC coated webbing is high frequency welded on the inside of the curtain.

(1) ALCS Curtains are manufactured utilizing state of the art welding technology. 2" PVC vinyl coated load bearing cargo straps are fully welded to the vertical and horizontal interiors on 24" centers.

(2) All of SSI's curtains are horizontally and vertically reinforced with webbing to give added strength. This heat sealable webbing is made of high tenacity polyester yarn with a PVC coating for abrasion resistance and welding ability. The webbing is 1 7/8" wide and .04" thick. It's breaking strength is rated at 2,900lbs (1300Kg)

2. The welded webbing system, where webbing is welded directly onto the curtain, has three main advantages:

(1) Simple to change the buckle and strap - simply undo a couple of bolts and replace the buckle and strap.

(2) Webbings acts as a wear barrier against the truck gates, increasing the life of the curtain, thus saving you replacement costs.

(3) Reinforced 2″ PVC vertical and horizontal load restraint cargo straps are automatically welded to the interior walls to provide maximum strength and structural integrity.

3. Banners and signs

Weldable Webbing adds strength and structure, while also improving the reliability of grommets. PVC coated weldable webbing performs equally well with either high frequency, hot-air, or wedge welding. PVC-Coated Weldable Webbing is used on the frame, and that frame is bolted into the brick wall with concrete anchors and washers.



Webbing, also known as narrow fabric, is a strong woven textile, designed and manufactured in various forms for use in multiple industries. It is extremely versatile – often replacing steel wire, rope or chain in industrial, as well as non-industrial, applications.

2. What is Weldable Webbing?

Non-wicking Weldable Webbing is tightly woven polyester webbing fully coated and impregnated with thermo - plastic vinyl (PVC).

3. How to use it?

PVC-Coated Webbing can be welded onto fabrics using hot air, hot wedge, or high frequency welding. It can also be bonded using vinyl-solvent adhesives. And, as a textile product, it can be sewn.

4. PVC coated polyester strap is used as reinforcement

The PVC coated strap is related to the technical field of high quality polyester strap, in particular to the technical field of reinforcing strap which are used to strengthen the tensile strength of side curtain for truck. It consists of a polyester strap that is coated with PVC on both sides. It is anticorrosive, waterproof and easy to clean. It is convenient and fast to be welded with the theme tarpaulin by hot air, hot wedge, or high frequency welding. It can be widely used for strengthening truck curtains, tents, tarpaulin, inflatable materials, etc.

Contact Information:


E-mail: sales@coated-webbing.com

Tel.: +86 135 8928 1616

Fax: +86 532 8906 3836

Whatsapp: +86 135 8928 1616

Address: Webbing Industrial Park, No.72 Yanqing Road, Jimo, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, 266200 China

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