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Shandong Ecocarry New Materials Co., Ltd

Shandong Ecocarry New Materials Co., Ltd

Shandong Ecocarry New Materials Co., Ltd



Which is largest manufacturer of PLA biodegradable and disposable products in north China, founded in 2003, 380 workers, with 28685 square meters polylactic acid products food grade clean workshop and advanced production line. yearly capacity 30,000 tons, sales volume one billion. ECOCARRY owns 35 authorized invention patents, 6 utility models and 5 international patents for degradable materials. ECOCARRY has won the first prize of scientific and technological progress in Shandong Province, the gold medal of Hong Kong International Fair, the third prize of scientific and technological achievements in Shandong Province, the second prize of national scientific and technological progress, the Jinqiao Prize of China Technology Market, the first prize of science and technology for development in China Academy of Sciences, the first prize of cooperative innovation in Industry-University-Research, China, etc. ECOCARRY has advanced bio-based degradable material technology and relatively complete intellectual property system, and has more than 60 patents at home and abroad.


The main products including PLA biodegradable and disposable cups, PLA biodegradable straw, PLA biodegradable cutlery, PLA biodegradable food container, biodegradable packaging and bag, PLA paper cup, tea cups, coffee cups, and PP plastic cup, cups with lids and straws, cutlery, food container etc, any color and printing according your request.


ECOCARRY is committed to developing domestic and foreign markets, vigorously implementing the internationalization strategy, and actively connecting with the international mainstream food container market. Its products and services are all over Chinese mainland, the United States, Europe, Australia and other overseas markets. ECOCARRY adheres to the belief of "advocating green, synchronizing the world, focusing on better, and only doing the best", and always follows the low-carbon environmental protection concept of "taking from nature, using it for nature, and returning to nature", and strives to create a new life of environmental protection for the society. Environmental protection and energy conservation are the eternal themes pursued by human beings, and the harmonious development between human beings and nature is the eternal pursuit of ECOCARRY.


ECOCARRY committed to creating a green poetic happy life







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E-mail: sales1@eco-carry.com

Mod.: +86 158 6390 8724

WeChat: +86 158 6644 8231

Whatsapp: +8615264934866

Address: 205-09022, Northeast of the intersection of Yihe Second Road and Mengshan Second Road, Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, Linyi City

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