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Shanghai Liu Xiang General Equipments Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Liu Xiang General Equipments Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Liu Xiang General Equipments Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Shanghai Liu Xiang General Equipments Co., Ltd.

Liu Xiang General (Shanghai) Equipment Co., Ltd., the affiliation of Giga-LX International Group, is specialized in manufacturing and export distributing of:

– Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

– Fully Computerized High-speed Flexo Printing with Slotter Die-Cutter Machine

With 25 years experience of international trade and professional manufacture, plus a professional management and sales team, SH-LXGE has been dedicating on the above field enthusiastically to offer our customers with advanced equipments, competitive price, speedy delivery, and fully after service, so as to create value and winning power for our customers.

Backed with strong financial support, talented personnel, sound reputation and high sense of commitment, turnover of SH-LXGE has been rising rapidly and is heading to the future healthily and strategically. Businesses have covered CIS, Latin America, Middle East, Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and many other markets. 

Shanghai Liu Xiang General Equipments Co., Ltd.

Vision: To be a cross-century enterprise, become a Group Corporation owns ten international brand group with 200 design engineers

Mission: Better machine, Better carton, to provide efficient, complete plant, systematic solutions for Factory construction;

Goal: Mutual development, strive for one hundred million;

Operation: Overall every control and clear;

Business philosophy: Differentiation — no-one else had; Specialization – better than anyone else;Primacy- design newer than anyone else;Value maximization- maximizing personal property along with company value 

Shanghai Liu Xiang General Equipments Co., Ltd.

The four cardinal principles: Positive frame of mind; Responsible; Honest and creditable; Forge ahead in unity; Keeping pace with time, SH-LXGE would create an innovative, united and upbeat corporate atmosphere, to build us as the No. 1 or No.2 International group in China, and the best cooperative partner for international and domestic customers / end-users as well.

SH-LXGE warmly welcome friends from all over the world coming to our company in Shanghai, China, or to visit our factories for business negotiation and cooperation.

Contact Information:


E-mail: greatsuccess@gigalx.com

Tel.: +86 138 0196 8812

Whatsapp: +86 138 0196 8812

Address: Room 610, Tower 1, Xindong Zhiye Building, No.388 Xinfu Road, Minhang District, Shanghai 201100, P. R. China

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