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Tangshan Caofeidian Gangshen Trading Co., Ltd.

Tangshan Caofeidian Gangshen Trading Co., Ltd.

Tangshan Caofeidian Gangshen Trading Co., Ltd.

Tangshan Caofeidian Gangshen Trading Co., Ltd.


Founded in January 2017 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, the company is a subsidiary of Caofeidian Financial Holding Group (CFHG), a key state-owned enterprise in the Caofeidian District. Its main business, which relies on the district’s functions as a special customs supervision zone and special port, is divided into three sectors: import and export trade, business related to the comprehensive foreign trade service platform (CFTS) and cross-border e-commerce.


Import and Export Trade: With a steady increase in import and export trade, the company has set up a domestic and international trading system covering commodities like biodiesel and alfalfa and has implemented corresponding comprehensive trade services. In recent years, the company has continued with a major-customer strategy and focused on core customers and breakthroughs in key business and products. It has established cooperation mechanisms and win-win development with companies represented by the world's top 500 petrol and petrochemical groups. The company acquired certification of EU ISCC and Germany’s Nabisy in May 2021 and has been enrolled on the supplier list of Lukoil, BP, Total and Shell. The company has registered steadily increased revenues in biodiesel export.   


CFTS-Related Business: The company has constructed and operated the only CFTS with the background of a state-owned enterprise in Tangshan. As a new business model, CFTS relies on Internet technology and caters to the positioning of four functions: service management of international customs, clearance and logistics, the capital pool of export tax refund for domestic enterprises, supply chain for international trade circulation and overseas warehouses for promoting export and cross-border e-commerce. As per planning, a fully-functioned cross-border trade industrial system with comprehensive competitiveness will be built in three to five years. The system will be extensively deployed in the trade industrial chain to form clusters of a variety of resources ranging from industries, capital, and commodities to talents. Centered on CFTS, the Import and Export Products Convention and Exhibition Center of Hebei Free Trade Zone was established in October 2021 with an area of 5,500 m2. The center was composed of a string of sectors, including Import and Export Products Cooperation and Exhibition Zone, Commodity Trade and Exhibition Zone, Financial Industrial Park, Industrial Park of Cross-Border E-commerce Incubation Base, Foreign Trade Industrial Park and Tangshan Caofeidian Association of Import and Export Enterprises.


Cross-Border E-commerce: The company has set up and operated the first cross-border e-commerce retail platform in Caofeidian District, Tangshan City. The platform, Sweetdu Selection, blends the advantages of the free trade zone, the comprehensive bonded zone and the pilot comprehensive e-commerce zone, and fuses multiple models like “Exhibition and Retails of Bonded Products”, “Online Commission Sales and "Cross-Border Supply Chain Finance". The new cross-border platform is set to be a robust engine for leading and promoting the growth of cross-border e-commerce and import business. To ensure the sustainable and high-quality development of the cross-border e-commerce industry in the Caofeidian Free Trade Zone, on the one hand, the company has cooperated with the government and built a cross-border e-commerce base integrating office, exhibition, sales, training and incubation. It has contributed to, coupled with relevant services in finance, customs inspection, storage, logistics and talents, the formation of a comprehensive and multi-dimensional cross-border e-commerce industry system, which is conducive to the clustering of cross-border e-commerce enterprises. On the other hand, the company has introduced the “New Cross-Border E-commerce Retail” business model to achieve efficient and convenient customs clearance, meet the strong needs for the “What You See Is What You Get” experience in cross-border products by customers and enhance the vitality of the cross-border e-commerce industry in Caofeidian Free Trade Zone.


Vowing to remain true to its original aspiration and concentrating on growing stronger, the company will, under the core strategic plan and guidance of CFHG, devote itself to the concept of development, adhere to innovation-driven development, explore "new dynamics" in trade development and continuously consolidate the capability for sustainable development. 


Tangshan Caofeidian Gangshen Trading Co., Ltd.

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