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Tangshan Jinhengtong Vehicle Material Co., Ltd.

Tangshan Jinhengtong Vehicle Material Co., Ltd.

Tangshan Jinhengtong Vehicle Material Co., Ltd.

Tangshan Jinhengtong Vehicle Material Co., Ltd.


Tangshan Jinhengtong Vehicle Material Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. Production of rims, shelves, brackets, etc. In addition, Jinhengtong Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 and is the largest carbon fiber manufacturing plant in northern China. Jinhengtong currently has more than 1,300 employees, covers an area of ​​260,000 square meters, and annually produces 17 million rims of various types, 5 million steel/aluminum hangers, 11 million ladders, 3 million mesh/wire baskets, With 10 million saddles, 3 million motor aluminum wheels, 150,000 sets of carbon fiber frames, and 26,000 tons of aluminum alloy profiles, it is the largest comprehensive manufacturer of bicycle parts in China. The production process includes raw materials, casting, surface treatment, welding, machining, assembly, etc. In order to adapt to the development of the market, the company has successively established independent branches such as Jinshengda Tube Manufacturing, Shengmeng Motor, Chenyang Sports Equipment, Kangbei Pet Cage, and Yitong Frame.

The company is located in Bicycle Industrial Park, Haibei Town, Lutai Economic Development Zone, Ninghe District, Tianjin, with superior geographical location, convenient sea and air transportation and perfect infrastructure. Jinhengtong has always been committed to innovation and product quality, focusing on consistency. In 2001, it passed ISO9001 quality system certification and successively passed BSCI social responsibility, ISO14001 environmental system, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification. GB and other standards, in terms of environmental protection production, the company adheres to green production and sustainable production, has established a complete set of environmental protection facilities and daily monitoring measures to ensure compliance with national standards, and introduced and developed highly automated production processes to ensure product quality and stability.

The company takes technology as the core and is committed to innovation. Invest special funds in technology and product development to carry out the development and design of automation, new products, materials and processes, and at the same time develop new methods of green manufacturing. At present, the company has accumulated more than 70 patents for invention, utility model and appearance, and more than 10 patents will be added every year. In 2009, it was rated as the Enterprise Technology Center of Hebei Province, in 2010, it was rated as the leading enterprise of high-tech enterprises in Hebei Province, in 2018, it was rated as a "specialized, refined and new" little giant enterprise, and in 2021, it was awarded the Hebei Province New Materials Research and Development Center. The global business scope is very wide, making full use of independent import and export rights. The business scope covers Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Asia and other foreign markets. It was rated as a key export enterprise and an advanced enterprise by the Tangshan Municipal Bureau of Commerce. "Integrity, Quality, Innovation" is our motto, Jinhengtong people are working hard with the greatest integrity. Our brand culture represents trust and shared prosperity, and through this vision, we bring value to our customers.


Tangshan Jinhengtong Vehicle Material Co., Ltd.

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