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Wazing Technology (Foshan) Co., Ltd

Wazing Technology (Foshan) Co., Ltd

Wazing Technology (Foshan) Co., Ltd

Wazing Technology (Foshan) Co., Ltd


Wazing Technology (Foshan) Co., Ltd is a high-tech and national high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production, sales and export of chemicals and electro-chemicals for metal surface treatment. The annual output of aluminum alloy surface treatment series products is more than 5,300 tons, stainless steel surface treatment series products are more than 500 tons, and sales of chemical materials related to metal surface treatment are more than 2,000 tons.


The company has long-term cooperation with relevant scientific research institutions and colleges and universities and well-known metal surface treatment technology experts at home and abroad, and is mainly committed to the research and development and production of metal surface treatment series with high quality, advanced application, environmental protection and energy saving Chemicals and electrical chemicals; continuously improve the production process and equipment, improve the level of automation control, and make the whole production process more environmentally friendly, thereby effectively reducing the discharge of three wastes. At the same time, the product quality is equipped with a special quality inspection department to strictly control, And on the basis of self-inspection, it is tested by a third-party special inspection agency to control the quality of ex-factory products; for a long time, the products have won the trust of customers in the application; Manufacturers of surface technology treatment such as automotive aluminum parts, all-aluminum furniture, stainless steel kitchen utensils, aluminum alloy and stainless steel bathroom components have brought more tangible benefits.


Wazing Technology (Foshan) Co., Ltd has passed the ISO9000 quality system certification, has the right to import and export, and has an experienced professional team for product export sales. It has established long-term and stable trade cooperation with many countries and regions. In order to try our best to meet customers' packaging requirements, we can provide various packaging such as composite bags, cardboard drums, container bags, plastic drums and ton drums. The export of products not only guarantees the quality for foreign customers, but also has established a complete system for safe export of customs declaration, commodity inspection, taxation, shipping, customer clearance and other links. It is equipped with corresponding MSDS, SGS, ROHS reports and safety technical books and documents. The safe transportation certificate can make the product reach the customer safely and smoothly.


While exporting and domestically selling products, we also provide after-sales technical services to achieve mutual benefit, people-oriented, give full play to the role of the company's technical talents, and pursue the working method of "paying attention to actual results, improving management, improving quality, and increasing efficiency" to With a serious and responsible attitude, solve the difficult problems encountered by customers in the process of using the product.


May we go hand in hand together and sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!


Wazing Technology (Foshan) Co., Ltd


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Address: Room 360, Chuangjie Building, Nanlian Village, Guangfo Xinkansen, Dali Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City

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