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Zaoqiang Kuobang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Zaoqiang Kuobang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Zaoqiang Kuobang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Introduction of Zaoqiang Kuobang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.


Introduction of Zaoqiang Kuobang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Located in the industrial zone of FRP Science and Technology Park in Hebei Province, China, Hebei Kuobang is a company integrating scientific research, design, development, production, sales and after-sales. Our company has a strong technical force, perfect detection means and large-scale production of FRP products has been formed. We enjoy a high reputation in petrochemical industry, metallurgy, coal mine, municipal, electric power, water conservancy and other systems. 


Our main products: pultrusion profile fence, ladder, platform, wet electrostatic precipitator, desulfurization tower, purification tower, winding storage tank, winding pipe, sewage pool cover plate, cooling tower, fan, ventilation pipe, grille, on-site anticorrosion engineering and others.


I. Advanced production equipment: Our company has 3 sets of large, medium and small micro-control mechanical winding machines, 2 sets of spraying molding equipment, 2 sets of molding machines, 6 sets of cutting machines, 12 sets of polishing machines and 12 sets of polishing machines, more than 20 sets of cooling tower dies, more than 120 sets of 30 specifications of DN φ 50 mm-φ 3200mm pipeline dies.


Ⅱ. Perfect detection means: In order to ensure product quality,we timely introduction of advanced testing equipment while in the purchase of advanced production equipment. It has laid a firm foundation in ensuring the quality of FRP products. Main testing equipment: 1 set/set of dynamic balance testing machine, 1 set/set of anemometer and wind manometer, 1 set/set of wind pressure and air volume testing bench, 1 set of oxygen and fat number tester, 1 set/set of stiffness testing machine, 1 set/set of blast drying incubator, 2 sets/set of Maofu furnace, 2 sets/set of Bakol hardness tester, 1 set/set of electronic digital display balance, 1 set of humidifier and one set of electrostatic tester. 


Ⅲ. Strong technical backing: We have focused on the implementation of the "Production, Learning and Research" project, and have established long-term cooperative relations with universities and scientific research institutions such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, East China University of Science and Technology, Hebei University, Beijing FRP Research and Design Institute, Shanghai FRP Research Institute, Tianjin Petrochemical Design Institute, Beijing Petrochemical Design Institute and the Fourth Research and Design Institute of the Ministry of Machinery Industry.


Ⅳ.Strict enterprise management: Our company products have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, we solve in after-sales service problems on the basic of ensuring product quality. The company is well received by users.


Ⅴ. After-sales service

1. General terms of service

① As the lifeline of the company's survival and development, we insist on providing high-quality and efficient after-sales service for every customer. Customers are an important object of enterprise management and development, and improving the service quality to customers has become the key to the survival and growth of enterprises.

② Quality first, customer first. Providing high-quality products to customers is the best service in itself, putting customers first and paying full attention to our customers is the starting point of the company's operation.

③ After-sales service is to protect the rights and interests of customers to the maximum extent, collect the quality problems of products after leaving the factory in time, unify the rights and interests of customers and enterprises, and strive to improve the quality of after-sales service. The company is responsible for the quality of products.


2. Performance Pledge

① To sell products, make a public commitment to customers: quality first, customer first.

② For the products sold, after-sales service files should be established to track the service for a long time.

③ Listen to customers' opinions and suggestions, constantly improve working methods, and strive to satisfy customers.

④ For the products sold, ensure the quality and quantity, and try our best to meet the customer's demands for the products sold with real quality problems.


3. Standards and requirements of after-sales service

① After-sales service personnel must establish the concept that user satisfaction is the standard of inspection service, and do their best to serve users, and feel that they are not allowed to contradict users and quarrel with users

② Answer all kinds of questions raised by users actively, enthusiastically and patiently in service, teach common sense of maintenance, explain patiently when users' questions cannot be answered, and report to after-sales service headquarters in time to help solve them

③ Service personnel should behave in a civilized manner, treat others politely, take the initiative to serve, and have a good relationship with user supervision

④ After receiving the service information, you should reply within 24 hours. If you need on-site service, you should arrive at the site within the time specified by the customer and earnestly realize your commitment to the customer


Our Vision

Delivering exponential possibilities for our clients, our employees and our communities.

To achieve this, we will:

Consistently deliver quality services to our global clients.

Attract, retain and reward the best professionals from around the globe who embody our core values.

Grow our firm organically.


Introduction of Zaoqiang Kuobang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

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