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Zhuan Lv Hebei Trade Co., Ltd.

Zhuan Lv Hebei Trade Co., Ltd.

Zhuan Lv Hebei Trade Co., Ltd.

Zhuan Lv Hebei Trade Co., Ltd.


ZHUAN LV is one of the world's largest suppliers of filtration and separation products to the oil, gas, chemical, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. In 1999, Shuang King Filtration Technology Co., Ltd(Zhuan Lv original factory) was set up and start oil filter products manufacture, Shuang King is mainly focus on oil and gas filtration product's research, development and production, the featured products include filter element for hydraulic system, lube system; coalescing and separation filter cartridge for fuel and gas system.


In 2002, Shuang King participated in overseas filter product bidding, which is request to supply all kinds of filter products to new power plant, as there is big demand of air prefilter, medium efficiency air filter and high efficiency air filter etc, to guarantee high quality standard of the filters, Shuang King invested a professional air filter factory and take 10% share in it to produce all kinds of air filters for power plant, steel plant, commercial building and so on.after 10 years development, our air filters has replaced brands like Camfil, AAF, Donaldson, Parker successfully in overseas market by high quality and economy cost.


In 2005, According to business request and company development policy, We successively invested in air compressor filter products factory, metal filter products factory by equity investment. till that time, our filter products cover oil, gas, water, chemical, food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and environment almost all kinds of industries request.


With overseas business’ development positively, which take 50% in our turnover in 2017, we start consider to set up a professional international company to serve overseas business much better. And in 2019, Zhuan Lv Hebei Trade Co., Ltd was set up.


In 2021, Zhuan Lv invested overseas filter factory in Thailand, which is focus on metal powder filter products research and development and expand production capacity to meet overseas market request.


Zhuan Lv Hebei Trade has a professional team which is only serve international business, our purpose is to supply high quality filter products and professional service to overseas market to save your time.


Zhuan Lv Hebei Trade Co., Ltd.

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E-mail: Alina.Yang@zhlfiltration.com

Mod.: +86 150 3277 8561

Address: 42# Qilian Street, High Tech Zone, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China

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