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Zouping Mingyuan Imp Exp Trade Co Ltd.

Zouping Mingyuan Imp Exp Trade Co Ltd.

Zouping Mingyuan Imp Exp Trade Co Ltd.

Zouping Mingyuan Imp Exp Trade Co.,  Ltd. 

The company was established in May 2008, formerly known as the export department of Zouping Mingxing Chemical, which was founded in 2005 and is subordinate to Zouping Copper Mine, is now reorganized as Zouping Rongcheng Metal Technology Group Co. Main business: import and export trade of chemicals and related products, custom processing, import and export agents. At present, the company has two directions of development one is to do a good job in chemical production, customization and service trade work; the second is to cooperate with Shandong University, President Wang Wenlong solid waste comprehensive synergistic treatment. At present there are 70 employees, the output value of 300 million RMB.

Zouping headquarters is located in Zouping City, United States Lizhuan five road, Jinan headquarters is subordinate to Shandong University Venture Office Building.


Production and operation of chemical products mainly include:

Diallylamine, diallylamine hydrochloride, allylamine, allylamine hydrochloride, polyallylamine hydrochloride, dichloropropenylamine, dichloroacetyl chloride, trichloropropionyl chloride, chloroacetyl chloride, tert-butylbenzene, o-nitroethylbenzene, 3-chloropropanol, 6-chlorohexanol, o-fluoropyridine, ammonium pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate, methyl allyl alcohol, glutaric acid, glutaric anhydride, diethylaminoethanol, 3-butenenitrile, methyl We have established production bases in Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Northeast China, Shanxi, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, etc. We have established good business cooperation with 48 countries and regions around the world and developed thousands of products.


For solid waste treatment:

The synergistic treatment project with Wang Wenlong, President of Shandong University Kinetic Energy Transformation Institute about solid waste has been landed in Xintai City, Shandong Province. The future towards building a huge empire of trillion yuan output.


Since the establishment of the company thought, deeply influenced by the culture of state-owned enterprises to establish a foundation of integrity, service and quality, and constantly improve product quality and service levels, in 17 years of deep plowing, to create a good brand and reputation in the industry Zouping Mingyuan.


Zouping Mingyuan Imp Exp Trade Co.,  Ltd. 

Contact Information:


E-mail: sjc_stone@126.com

Tel.: +86 543 2240 067

Mod.: +86 135 1543 1451

WeChat: +86 135 1543 1451

Skype: allylamine

Address: Lizhuan Five Road, Zouping City, Binzhou City, Shandong Province (Shenghao Third Floor)

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